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'James is a truly gifted wordsmith'
Celeste Chaney
New York Times Contributor & Author
'A genius writer, marketer, and leader'
Ralph Andersen
Sales Manager - Sunrun
'Excellent writing ability & marketing mind'
Benoy Tamang
Partner - VENN Impact

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View the performance screenshots below and click the ‘WordWoven’s Results’ button beneath them to see what our writing and content expertise accomplishes. From 5-figure percentage increases in marketing KPIs like SEO-based website lead generation to sales-qualified opportunity increases from inbound marketing campaigns. 

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WordWoven CEO - James F. OConnor

CEO, Senior Writer & WordWoven Principal Consultant: James O'Connor

James O’Connor is an award-winning Senior Writer, Editor, Writing Director, and Marketing VP who’s spent 13 years refining and implementing his proven writing-first approach for building high-impact, profitable brands across modern mediums in strategic and leadership functions, fueling his passion for writing and great content. A published fiction author at 24, whose writing skills are endorsed by New York Times Best Selling authors and Wall Street Journal contributors, James’s writing-first approach to brand-building has facilitated 5-figure percentage increases in crucial marketing and sales metrics across numerous unrelated industries, products, services, and organizational missions in B2B and B2C contexts. Attributing his success to his deep passion for the writing process, James is equally adept in editing, leading, and managing teams of writers and creatives. He wields a virtuosic mastery of tone and word choice across a remarkable depth and range of writing ability, from academic writing and book-length works to simple lead-snagging short-tail copy and crystal-clear technical communication. To James, writing is more than putting words on paper: it’s the process by which his intrinsic search for mastery, challenge, and growth are distilled into his professional purpose, and it never fails to further imbue him with the wild belief that the written word can do anything imaginable when entrusted to a practitioner of the highest caliber.

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