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"James O'Connor and his WordWoven team know how to make order out of website chaos. Our company had multiple domains and a started site or two, but lacked the internal skills, or time, to consolidate management of the domains and select the right site names, looks and organization to promote our work and shuffle the content deck. James listens well, adds ideas that you might not think of for yourself, has a keen sense of SEO and how to improve your site's presence, and available technical skills of a high order to not just get your house in order, but improve it significantly in the process."
Steve Weiner
Steve Weiner
President - Readmore Communications
"WordWoven was built by an amazing and skilled CEO. James O'Connor is an incredible wordsmith! I recommend him and his team for any projects that deal with copywriting, editing, technical writing, ghostwriting, and so much more! You can't go wrong with WordWoven."
Paul Moore
CEO - Webinauts
“A truly gifted wordsmith..."
Celeste Chaney
Author - "In Absence of Fear"
“He has improved our web based lead conversion rate by a factor of 10. James doesn't just throw money at marketing issues, he gets results. What impresses me most about him from a finance perspective is that he analyzes each expenditure in detail, consults with his marketing plan, and makes an informed decision. I have worked with other marketers that did not take expenditures seriously enough, so James is a breath of fresh air.”
Carol Patterson
Owner - Growth Accounting
“...James is excellent in his writing ability and marketing mind.”
Benoy Tamang
Partner - VENN Impact
“I have yet to meet someone with so much passion for his craft and determination to be a great asset to the organization. Much of the success of our inbound lead generation efforts can be attributed to his (James’s) work.”
Darcey Wilde
VP of Marketing - eFileCabinet
"When building a business, you need people like James on your team. He parlayed his skills and knowledge into real, measurable results! His passion for his work, his team's performance, and the well-being of the organization inspired those around him."
Neal Barth
Director of Operations - Empire Solar Group
”James is a powerhouse of digital marketing, public relations, and branded content. Working under James' guidance has helped me improve my craft as a branded content writer and a communications professional."
Lucas Miller
Founder & CEO - Echelon Copy
“James has worked miracles for our lead quality, volume, conversion rates, and marketing costs.”
Keven Jensen
CEO - 1heart1mind
“...James is brilliant at what he does...”
Scott Cramer
President - Go Solar Group
“The quality and the volume of the content James does is phenomenal."
Nolan Rosen
Founder - CMO Solution
"He (James) brought charisma, focus, and exemplary writing skills to our project team. The parts he contributed were flawlessly articulated...I believe he would make a great asset to any team, especially because of his eloquent writing ability."
Erin Olschewski
Program Director - Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders
"James is the hardest working person I know. He's efficient, focused, determined, and brilliant. He's skilled at keeping company departments in sync and helping communication be clear and thorough."
Bonnie Gwyn Gillies
Author - The Sanctuary Trilogy
"The quality of the leads James is giving me...they're such easy conversions. He's truly a marketing genius among marketing geniuses."
Mauzzam Mohammed
President - Platinum Marketing Group
"James is one of the most passionate writers I have the pleasure to know. He does not just write: He immerses himself in his work and hardly comes up for air. He is not satisfied until his work is immaculate. if you see "James O'Connor" on a piece, you know it will be incredible."
Tiana Moe
Marketing Consultant
"James is a marketing genius: the kind of marketer every sales team wants and needs. He doesn't just create a lot of leads and opportunities - he makes the sale easier to close. His will to win, competitive spirit, intelligence, and passion for his work inspires everyone around him to be better."
Ralph Andersen
Vice President of Sales - Go Solar Group
"James is incredibly dedicated, creative, strategic, logical, and passionate. He is a great team motivator and focuses more intensely on delivering great results than any writer I've worked with. Our SEO and email marketing has improved so much because of his efforts. Our organic inbound leads have increased threefold."
Jenn Larsen
Marketing Automation Manager - ForeUp
"This book introduces an important new voice in young men's fiction. O'Connor writes with a crystalline rigor, as if his heart is pouring out on the page."
"A wonderful collection of thought provoking and insightful short stories rarely seen in the writing world today. Will give this as a gift for others to enjoy."
"This book is just an incredible read. Emotional, philosophical, inspiring and painful, this book takes a dive into the ideology and reality of this talented author."

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