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WordWoven CEO - James F. OConnor

Forbes Profile

See James's Forbes Communication Council profile, including articles and quotes he's contributed to the platform.

LinkedIn Profile

Visit James's LinkedIn profile for a comprehensive background of his experience, recommendations, education, and certifications.

Performance Portfolio

Contains links, screenshots, and other proof backing up otherwise outlandish digital marketing performance claims.

Creative Portfolio

A writing and creative portfolio from earlier in James's career as an undergraduate and newly minted degree holder from the University of Utah.


See what's been said about James's and WordWoven's work, from existing clients to people who've worked with him in the past.

Writing Sample

See the loving eulogy and ode to James's father he composed in the spring of 2022, shortly after Richard D. O'Connor III passed away.

Marketing Performance Built By Communication Mastery

Click the images below to see proof of WordWoven staff’s 5-figure percentage increases in marketing KPIs like new website visitors from organic traffic and SEO-generated lead volume, to sales-qualified opportunities and sales from inbound marketing. 

James's Testimonials

“Excellent in his writing ability and marketing mind...”
Benoy Tamang
“His grasp of his subject is astounding.”
Carol Patterson
“He is a truly gifted wordsmith."
Celeste Chaney

Performance-driven Consultations

WordWoven CEO - James F. OConnor

CEO: James F. O'Connor

Each consultation is conducted by WordWoven's Founder and CEO, James O'Connor. Working as Go Solar Group's Vice President of Marketing in his previous role, James brings 12 years of branding, SEO, content marketing, and organic lead generation skills to the table.

See James O'Connor's Forbes Communication Council Profile

James O'Connor's Forbes Profile

As a member of the Forbes Communication Council since Feb. 2020, James is also a published fiction author, poet, and short story writer. His work has been published under client bylines on some of the world's most prestigious platforms, including Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes.

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