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Writing: the Best Way to Build High-impact Brands, Ideas, and Stories

Think writing doesn’t really matter that much? We beg to differ.

Before a brand can be first in the marketplace, it must be first in the mind. To be first in the mind, a brand must own words, and even better, phrases in the minds of targeted consumers. While writing was the first way to do this many decades ago, it is still the best way to do it in today’s marketplace given the written word’s flexibility in catering to the imagination of the human mind. Many organizations’ failures are attributable to not understanding this secret. Even in a non-business context, great writing is likely part of nearly everything you’ve deemed to be valuable throughout life. Your favorite film had a script that someone wrote. That speech that changed your life was written well before it was delivered, and the media you’ve consumed throughout your life, which has informed your opinions and shaped your very identity, was written before it went live. In branding specifically, we doubt anyone can show us one successful product, website, or marketing campaign that was created and executed without any words, writing, or scripting.  

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