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What is Copywriting?

Think words don’t matter in marketing? WordWoven knows otherwise: owning a word, idea, or phrase in your target audience’s mind ranks among the most powerful and effective marketing techniques at your disposal, and it’s the copywriter’s foremost forte. 

Simply put, copywriting is the creativity in every brand that inspires or persuades its target audience to buy. While it may not always be a byproduct of a copywriter’s mind, the creative ideas in the business world are the result of thinking like a copywriter. In a more precise sense, copywriting is the original concepting and execution of an idea built to sell a brand’s products or services. It was the first form of writing designed to influence, transform, and sell in the modern marketplace, and remains a pillar position for marketing departments and agencies striving to find the right words at the right time in the right place. 

Great, but what about the actual writing component of copywriting? While most copywriters prefer to express their ideas in writing, the art and science of copywriting is unique when compared to other forms of writing agency services. This is because effective copywriting has less to do with writing than it does concepting, positioning, ideating, and executing marketing ideas that help brands reach their sales objectives.

This is particularly true when  copywriting for visual mediums like video. Thus, copywriting is not just vital to the explicit writing processes of blogging or creating sales scripts, but also in crafting the entire idea behind an advertisement or piece of content, which is an immensely challenging process. For example, if a copywriter produces an idea for an ad by drawing or ‘storyboarding’ images on a piece of paper, that’s copywriting even though very little (if any) writing is involved, and if any writing is involved, it’s merely for the dialogue in the script of the entire scene–a minor component of such an advertisement. 

Moreover, a copywriter may write a script for a radio advertisement that’s later read aloud by a radio station host as the final advertisement. A YouTube advertisement may contain actors, props, and other visual elements without a single word appearing on the screen. However, all of these elements rely on the ‘writing’ and concepting of the script to organize themselves into a coherent message. However, a great copywriter does much more for a brand than write ads. The copywriter’s persuasive skill set and creative grasp of language empower them to write copy for the entire sales funnel. E.g., sales presentations, emails, and training materials.

Examples of Great Copywriting

Those brilliant Super Bowl commercials you see every February? They’re usually the work of a copywriter. Remember that Old Spice guy on the horse? That idea was the work of a brilliant copywriter who worked for a marketing agency. Surely you know Mayhem from Allstate, right? Again, the work of a brilliant copywriter who knew the audience, who was fed up with bland, traditional, safely branded characters like Flo from Allstate’s competitor, Progressive. The above ideas weren’t just creative and funny, either. They increased their brand’s sales: the Old Spice guy increased sales for Procter & Gamble’s body wash and deodorant giant by 107%.

Old Spice Guy

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However, copywriting isn’t merely the process by which marketers grab your attention with advertisements. It’s also the process by which many brands themselves are created. For more information about best practices for creating a profitable brand, visit our marketing consultant services page. 

Why Is Copywriting So Important?

A copywriter helps a brand build a connection with its target audience, as if the brand was a friend worth hanging out with after work. Without that degree of affinity from its target audience, a brand is destined to be a ‘me-too’ flop without originality, strong positioning that sets it apart from the competition and, above all, trust. A world without copywriting is a world where one walks into a grocery store or clothing department in the mall, without any words appearing on the packaging or articles of clothing. A world without copywriting is a world without 80% of the internet. Google wouldn’t make any money (since Google Ads wouldn’t be able to run), and the data they gathered on your search behavior and factored into their algorithms would queue up ads and content far less relevant to your interests. So, whether you’re a consumer or a company, you need copywriting and copywriters. 

Why Hire a Copywriter?

As the global economy grows, markets become increasingly competitive, complex, and saturated, thereby increasing the demand for effective branding, storytelling, and messaging. One of the best ways to accomplish these objectives is by hiring a seasoned copywriter. And, sadly, there are many things people tend to believe they can do much better than they actually can, from holding one’s liquor on New Year’s Eve to holding one’s breath for longer than a minute. Copywriting is no exception to this phenomenon. In fact, we argue copywriting is the area of marketing in which business owners and marketing executives alike tend to overestimate the quality of their brand’s quality and performance most. The root of this problem is a sheer inability to empathize with and think like the customer. 

Specific Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

1) You know which platforms and channels, digital or analog, are relevant to your target customer, but aren’t sure what to say, when to say it, or how to say it. 

2) You have a broad range of customer or client-facing materials you’d like to create, but aren’t sure where to begin.

3) You have a product or service that, while innovative and needed, isn’t faring well in the market, and hasn’t been for at least 6 months post-launch. 

4) You’ve invented, patented, or created a product or service, and don’t know what to call it or how to position it in relation to the competition. 

5) Your product or service is not visible enough on the right platforms to generate new business. While listed last, this is the most common reason for inquiries we receive about our copywriting services, because achieving greater visibility entails a range of copywriting-specific skills.

Types of Copywriters

There are two primary ways to categorize copywriters you may want to hire: copywriters by target audience or copywriters by platform/medium. Neither way of classifying and making sense of copywriters is superior to the other. Therefore, each way of categorizing copywriters should be weighted and considered equally in selecting the right one for the job. 

Copywriters by Target Audience

The two main types of copywriters by target audience are B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business). While it may seem trivial to split copywriters into two categories based on how their target audiences are defined, understanding the differences will help you hire the best person for your brand’s copywriting needs. 

B2C Copywriters

B2C copywriting means selling products and services to consumers, not businesses. These copywriters are much better at grabbing prospects’ attention quickly with their ideas given how frequently their audiences are ‘in a rush.’ If your business sells to consumers only, it’ll be easier for you to hire a skilled copywriter for that target audience, since the talent pool is larger (and generally more experienced) than its B2B counterpart. However, attribution for the efficacy of B2C copywriting efforts has always been difficult given the enormity of most B2C audiences.

B2B Copywriters

In contrast to business to consumer copywriting, business to business copywriting involves the crafting of copy designed to influence, sell, or persuade other businesses or business based accounts to buy products or services. Aside from standard marketing materials in the business-to-business economy, B2B copywriting includes but is not necessarily limited to the writing of emails, reports, business letters, newsletters, handbooks, responses to customer complaint letters, memos, and account based marketing (ABM) copywriting. B2B copywriting is more complex and multifaceted than B2C copywriting, primarily because it’s more difficult to identify the ‘decision-maker’ in the buying process of a B2B copywriting sales funnel. While generally employing less creative talent upon which you can rely, B2B copywriters are superiorly skilled in the art (and science) of digging to find the right audience, as well as brevity and precision given the range of different audiences they must target across multiple product suites and industries.

Types of Copywriters by Medium / Platform

With very few exceptions, the below copywriters by medium and platform can be found in both B2B and B2C businesses. Ensuring you pick the right copywriter for your brand’s objectives hinges on understanding the below distinctions. 

SEO Copywriters

If you need copywriting services for your website, this is the kind of copywriter you should hire. Sometimes referred to incorrectly as a ‘digital copywriter’ (see the next section for the correct definition), an SEO copywriter specializes in writing that increases a brand’s web presence, with the end goal of generating more business. This usually involves ranking a website higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for transactional keywords and, aiding in the conversion rate optimization for website traffic once it arrives on the domain. Generating more business online with SEO copywriting tactics involves a complex interplay of knowledge about various social media platforms, off-page SEO, earning backlinks, and demand generation via social media. To learn more about general SEO best practices, visit our SEO Services page. 

Digital Copywriters

Digital copywriters are akin to SEO copywriters in only 1 respect: their writing appears outside of printed pages and non-analog format. Whereas the SEO copywriter has greater responsibility for (and aptitude with) generating new business online via organic search engine optimization methods, inbound marketing, and earned social media visibility, the digital copywriter can be viewed as a mix between a technical writing service and an SEO copywriter, because digital copywriters additionally tend to write instructional content for firmware, computer hardware, cloud-based technologies, or other proprietary internal applications. 

Creative Copywriters

Before all other forms of copywriting, there was creative copywriting. Much like the brands that creative copywriters help, they earned the right to determine what constituted mastery of their trade, and the consensus was that creativity reigned supreme as the way to craft copy that sold. Much like their occupational ancestors modern creative copywriters are definitionally limited in the application of their skill sets when pitted against today’s digital mediums.

Without mastery of these modern communication platforms, the market value (and therefore results) of what you can expect in revenue from even an experienced creative copywriter may not be worth it, especially if you know your target audience is waiting to find you online. Even if today’s digital mediums didn’t exist, great copywriting, while necessitating creativity, is about much more than creativity alone. It’s about being able to measure what your work achieves. A creative copywriter is neither inclined nor able to show you the data backing the efficacy of your work, whereas the SEO copywriter aims for the chopping block in generating low-cost leads for your brand online, and can show you exactly how much progress they’re making with a variety of tools. 

For these reasons, many argue that the creative copywriter’s role is defunct, as its need subsisted on an era of advertising that thought successful marketing was merely about generating one good idea strung together in a simple line of copy. While there’s some truth to this argument, creative copywriters are still necessary for single advertisements backed by large budgets, and businesses working in industries with heavy-hitting creative competition. 

Our Copywriting Services and Pricing

While well-intentioned, many copywriters and copywriting agencies neither write well, nor ideate creative advertising strategies. What’s more, great copywriting requires more than creativity and strong writing ability. You’ll need a sharp mind that can draw upon infinite ideas and artistic execution of each concept to brand-relevant topics. Moreover, elements like your company’s budget, resources, target audience, and market position are just a few examples of factors that determine what copywriting practices should be administered. 

What’s a Reasonable Rate for Freelance Copywriting Services?

In all honesty, less than we charge. But the quality and performance to cost ratio that you find with us will deliver superior value. Moreover, we offer unlimited check-ins on copywriting projects for clients, and will even save Zoom video conference recordings as screen shares for clients who request it, and do so to ensure we’re invoicing ethically and accurately for the below projects and their accompanying rates. 

Why Should I Hire WordWoven as My Copywriting Agency?

While well-intentioned, many copywriters can’t even write well or come up with creative advertising ideas. What’s more, great copywriting requires more than creativity and strong writing ability. You’ll need a sharp mind that can draw upon infinite ideas and artistic execution of each concept as well to guarantee that you will effectively position your brand to sell its intended products or services. Moreover, elements like your company’s budget, resources, target audience, market position, etc. are just a few examples of factors that determine what copy should be written. Most copy is loathsomely boring, unbelievable, and confusing. As a top professional U.S. copywriting agency with a proven performance track record, WordWoven writes the highest quality copy at the best price nationwide, bar none. We don’t just blow the competition out of the water: We cast a shadow on the entire industry’s preconceived notion of how things should work, and have vetted this process with stellar results. As we “restore the lost power of the written word,” we’d like to take you along for the ride. Most copy is loathsomely boring, unbelievable, and confusing. As a top professional U.S. copywriting agency with a proven performance track record, WordWoven writes the highest quality copy at the best price nationwide, bar none. By quality, we mean copy that increases your sales; not copy that ‘sounds nice,’ or ‘feels creative’. We don’t just blow the competition out of the water: We cast a shadow on the entire industry’s preconceived notion of how copy should work, and have vetted this process with stellar results. As we fulfill our mission of ‘restoring the lost power of the written word,’ we’d like to take you along for the ride. 

Service 1: SEO and Web Copywriting – $50 / Hour

SEO web copywriting is WordWoven’s foremost specialty. Under the umbrella of web copywriting, we offer the following services and at least one staff member with ten years of experience in the following areas of writing for the web who can help you with your digital writing projects. Copywriting services for websites vary drastically both in skill and the service’s ability to meet the client’s needs, which are almost always industry-specific, but is not necessarily limited to the following: the SEO copywriting service includes but is not necessarily limited to the below types of copy produced for online optimization purposes: 

Email copywriting

Online case studies and testimonials

Video scripts

Social media posts

Storyboarding for content designed to publish online

White label copywriting services (for digital platforms)

All website copy excluding blogs: landing pages, product pages, etc. 

E-commerce copywriting: product descriptions, product listings, and written content appearing on any 3rd party platform, like Shopify, Amazon, or eBay. 


Service 2: Traditional Copywriting – $45 / Hour

WordWoven can also write copy for non-web mediums and platforms like print, radio, and marketing communications materials. We offer this service at a lower rate given it imposes less risk of ‘scope creep’ in contrast to our SEO copywriting service. 

White label copywriting services (for traditional mediums)

Copywriting for all offline publications and advertisements

Offline case studies and testimonials

Storyboarding for offline/traditional mediums

Sales letters

Radio advertisements

Sales scripts and slicks

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